SIEGE ENTERTAINMENT is a Belgrade based external art production company providing digital art content to publishers and developers worldwide. Founded by a team of dedicated professionals with years of experience in video-game industry, we take pride in our teamwork which helps us to take on any kind of project with full confidence. We have an in-depth knowledge and understanding of game development and production due to having contributed work of impeccable quality on virtually all platforms and projects of all sizes that range from AAA games to various indie titles. We are committed to ensure that with our skill, knowledge, and dedication, clients obtain the reliability that they need in quality, time, and budgets.



We offer a wide range of services that allows us to assist you with any type of 3D/2D art production you might require whether that be video-game, cinematic, or pre-rendered assets. Quality is our main focus, which is assured by our internal review system that consists of experienced lead artists specialized in weapons, vehicles, environments, and complex prop structures.
Our structure, team management, and experience allows us to be versatile and efficiently perform on both long-term and short-term projects, offering highest quality and competitive prices for our clients globally. We can easily integrate within your existing pipeline and offer support during prototype creation - pre and during production.
If needed, besides our core studio team, we are able to expand our manpower and services on subcontractor basis for the development and production of characters, creatures, illustrations, and complete level and world creation – we can tailor our services even to the highest possible client demands.


Turning ideas into reality, we can make it happen. Ranging from sculpting, modeling, texturing and all the way to optimization, our artists are at your service to assist you in production of assets on any scale.


You have an idea or need a fresh vision? By turning early exploration into finished design our dedicated team is able to assist you from the earliest stages of production.



Along with asset creation our team boasts in-engine implementation, environment creation and optimization capabilities. Whether you need a linear progression, limited sandbox or a full breathing, living world our artists are up to the task.


We never shy away from pioneering new tech and taking on emerging challenges. Our team boasts VR development experience matched by few. From VR environment creation to full on engine development, our team is ready to lend a hand to your ambition. 


Every member within our team is an experienced and passionate artist coming from various sectors of the industry, and each one of them, from art directors to leads to artists as individuals, contribute unique skills to the already dedicated and versatile team. Beside recruiting most talented people, we encourage and invest in our art team to focus on their strengths and constantly improve with specializations in sculpting, high-res modeling, low-res modeling, and texturing, in order to push the boundaries of their creativity and skill to the very limit.


Our gallery features only a sample of projects our team has been part of. We are constantly supporting multiple projects which will be released in the near future. For extended portfolio, please feel free to contact us. In the meantime, enjoy our latest projects.


We are actively looking for new talent to join our ranks. If you’re interested in working at a studio that is committed working as a team to deliver highest quality work and in the process learn and grow, then we may just be the place for you! take some time to explore different roles in our team, and determine if we have something that's right for you.


Looking for external art production team for your next project? Tell us little more about it using the form or send us an email at


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We are located just outside Belgrade in beautiful Pancevo, within a 15 minute drive of downtown.
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